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Over the last decade or so many existing window cleaning companies, and many new ones just getting started, have developed a more professional approach to window cleaning by using the water fed pole method of cleaning, rather than the traditional method using a mop, bucket and squeegee and a set of ladders.

The wfp system has a number of advantages over traditional window cleaning and some of the benefits include the use of pure water (more environmentally friendly) which has been de-ionised to remove any contaminants from the water. This pure water is then pumped through a telescopic pole that can be extended to reach windows that are two or three storeys from the ground. This means a more safer working environment and reduces the risk of injury for the window cleaner. Falling off ladders accounts for many injuries and fatalities and therefore working from ground level carries much less risk.

In some cases the telescopic poles can reach even higher levels when cleaning commercial properties such as hotels and office blocks. Lightweight carbon fibre poles are used to make them manageable by the operator.

Other benefits when cleaning residential properties include more privacy when cleaning bathroom and bedroom windows, less potential for damage to windows, frames and sills, and generally a better all round clean which can last longer when cleaning chemicals are not used. In the case of pure water cleaning the windows are left wet and dry naturally to a spot free finish.

So the old image of window cleaners is gradually being overtaken by the more professional window cleaning company that invests in technologically advanced equipment to provide a better clean and a better service to their customers.

However, traditional window cleaning is still favoured by some and it may be many years before the use of ladders and the old mop, bucket and squeegee is eventually taken over completely by more advanced cleaning methods. And who knows... perhaps in the not too distant future, robots might even start taking over this popular service and that would be a sad day indeed.

Driverless cars, factory robots and computers taking over human jobs, artificial intelligence, robotic grasscutters and hoovers, remote control drone deliveries, it's kinda scary in a way, don't you think?

Anyway. I like to think your local window cleaner provides a much needed service along with their friendly chit chat and more personal touch, and that would be hard thing to replace. And it would affect me and my family as well. Both my sons have their own window cleaning business, and most of my website clients are window cleaners.

So if you're just starting out as a window cleaner, and you need a website or a first class web hosting service to host your website at a reasonable price then get in touch today.

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Example: One of my latest website clients is Andy at ATL Window Cleaning. Check out his website if you live in Wales and you need a window cleaner.

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