Website Hosting Suspension

How it can affect your business and website

We can all be a little forgetful at times and sometimes we forget to pay a bill when it is due. Reminders get sent and we usually end up paying after the final demand comes through before it's too late. However, for whatever reason, sometimes it is too late before we realise that it's gone beyond the 'cut off' date.

Website hosting is no different than any other service. If payment has not been made and your website gets suspended then it can seriously affect your website rankings and customer enquiry rate. Customers don't always contact you by email, sometimes they simply need to find your phone number to make contact. Finding your business on Google and other search engines is now one of the most popular and easiest ways to do this.

If your website goes offline, due to non-payment of hosting fees, potential customers and business may be lost because your website and contact details will no longer be accessible.

Not only will your website go into a suspension period, you can lose your website ranking position because search engines can quickly de-index the listing when they find your website is no longer functioning. Search engines rely on textual content and images to read your website correctly, if these are missing or the content is no longer optimised then the listing will disappear or drop in the search results dramatically.

So how can you best avoid this unfortunate situation?

Here at Studio Arts we recommend setting up a monthly or annual bank standing order. This will ensure that payments are never missed and your website will stay online without interruption in service. It also helps spread the payment over a 12 month period at a cost that is barely noticeable for most small businesses. In fact it's probably the cheapest form of online advertising you will find that is worth paying for.

If you are currently paying annually on receipt of invoice and you would like to set up a monthly bank standing order to avoid suspension and consequently re-connection charges or interest charges on late payments then please set up your monthly payment to the account below.

Basic web hosting is £5 per month, but we recommend you also have an SSL certificate installed for greater security. Google now recommends all websites have an SSL certificate installed to protect personal information sent through contact forms and log in details.

Web hosting with SSL certificate is £7.50 per month.

To find out more information about SSL certificates see our article 'What is an SSL certificate and why do I need one?'

For full terms and conditions of service see Terms and Conditions


To pay your web hosting bill please choose one of the following options

Pay by Monthly Bank Standing Order

To pay by monthly bank standing order please set up the payment with your bank to pay the account below.

Account name: Studio Arts
Account number: 50856118
Sort code: 20 - 82 -18
Barclays Bank

£5 per month for basic web hosting + email addresses
£7.50 per month for web hosting and SSL certificate + email addresses, autoresponders and CMS access


To Make Payment in Full

To pay for full 12 month period please set up an annual bank standing order or make a credit transfer to the account above.
Alternatively you can pay online using PayPal, Credit or Debit card using our secure payment form below.

£60 for 12 months for basic web hosting + email addresses
£89.95 for 12 months for web hosting and SSL certificate + email addresses, autoresponders and CMS access


Reference number or invoice number:
(if not known type in NP1)

Amount to pay (£): (insert numbers only - e.g. 60.00 or 89.95)

If you have any questions or encounter any problems in making payment please call 07789 021420

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