8 ways to improve your SEO using title tags

The title tag which is used to give a title to each one of your website pages is an important part of optimising your website and improve click through rates and rankings.

A recent article published on the AIOSEO website provides a good insight into how title tags should be used to get the best out of them. If you have any interest in search engine optimisation for your own website then I recommend reading this article which outlines eight tips to improve title tags and why title tags are so important for your website.

These tips include...

1. How to format your title tags correctly

2. Why your title tag should be accurately descriptive and specific to the content of the page

3. How and why your title tag should be compelling enough to get people to click on your listing instead of your competitors

4. How to use keywords in your title tag

5. Crafting your title tag so that it proves search intent

6. User engagement vs search bot optimisation

7. Highlighting what makes your content unique

8. Using curiosity to improve click through rates

Another useful additional tip mentioned in the article is as follows... "consider revisiting the posts you’ve already published and crafting optimized title tags for them. This is probably one of the most underrated SEO tips that can give you an edge over your competitors."

To read the full article on how to write great title tags click here

For wordpress users the AIOSEO is a very good plugin designed to make the process of implementing SEO on your website easier, without needing to be an experienced SEO professional, or having to hire one.

For more details visit the AIOSEO website

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