Video Marketing

Video marketing has become an important part in the online promotion of services and products for businesses around the World. Even the small business owner can now afford to showcase their business through online media channels such as YouTube and Vimeo where the potential audience can reach millions of people, especially when a video goes viral. Of course, only a small percentage of videos actually go viral, but the potential is still there. And who knows what could happen if your business video proves to be informative, educational or even simply entertaining in a way that will get people talking.

At Studio Arts we will work with you to bring your ideas to life and on to the screen.


From Web Video to DVD production

Whether you want to promote your business on the web or even create your own Video Production for distribution, we can help.

Our experience lies in filming, editing and distributing video content to your intended audience. Completed projects such as the successful DVD series sold and distributed by Window Cleaning Resources demonstrates our commitment and experience in contributing and providing our expertise in helping to get quality productions from ideas to the marketplace.


We now specialise in producing short, promotional, yet affordable internet based videos designed to promote the services and products of small businesses throughout the UK.

Video searches are now increasing in popularity every day and YouTube has now become the second largest website for online searches, with more than 50% of users watching business related videos at least once a week. If you run a small to medium sized business, isn’t it time you got on board the ‘Video Revolution?’

Window cleaning business promotional videos