To be (busy) or not to be (busy) that is the question

Having spent the last ten years or so designing websites for my own use and for clients, I now find that a lot of my time seems to be spent typing emails or updating existing websites. Building new websites no longer takes up as much of my time these days. But on reflection I do prefer the creation process of building a new website from scratch. In some cases it can be a very time consuming process though, depending on how much work is involved. For a one man business like myself, this means that when I am busy, it means less leisure time. And I do enjoy my leisure time.

Of course, this doesn't mean I turn down work. Not in the least. But I can afford to be more selective if there are constraints on time available. However, I do like the creative process of building a website that does not require a long term commitment that involves regular updates. Which is why I have always preferred to design simple brochure style websites and avoided ecommerce websites which generally regular maintenance.

Right now, having recently completed two new websites for clients, I'm going to spend some time designing and building some new templates for various types of business which I hope to make attractive enough to generate some new enquiries. But hopefully, still have some leisure time to enjoy other pursuits in life that I find just as interesting and challenging.