Terms and conditions

Application for this web design and web hosting service is subject to the following terms and conditions:

1. Studio Arts, the designers and publishers of this service, cannot take responsibility for any copyright infringements that may occur due to publishing material submitted by the client. Unless adequate proof is provided for permission to use copyrighted material, including textual content, photographs, graphic images, logos and any other form of design work, Studio Arts reserves the right to refuse such material until permission is provided by the copyright owner.

2. The copyright for all material published and provided by Studio Arts in our ‘ web site template designs’ such as HTML code, graphics, photographs and text, will remain the property of Studio Arts and may not be copied, reproduced or published by any means, whether electronically or otherwise, without the express permission of Studio Arts, the designers and publishers of these web site templates.

In the case of ‘custom’ design work to be carried out for a client, the same terms and conditions will apply as above, until payment has been made in full, whereupon the completed design will become the property of the client. In addition, any textual content, photographs or graphical images provided by the client, whether in electronic format, on CD or DVD or in printed form, will be returned to the client, though the safe return of this material is not guaranteed and Studio Arts and it’s personnel will not accept responsibility for any damage or loss while in their possession or during transit via the postal system.

3. Studio Arts will not be liable or become involved in any disputes between the client and any wrongdoing on the part of a client that may involve any disputes regarding content or images provided to Studio Arts for inclusion on the client’s web site.

4. The client agrees to make available to Studio Arts any material required to complete the web site in accordance with the instructions and information provided by the client. Failure to do so means there may be a delay in the design work and publishing. Studio Arts will endeavour to provide the ‘standard web site design service’ and web hosting setup and completion within 7 - 14 days, or within the standard deadline of 21 days, or as soon as reasonably possible. However, for whatever reason, whether on the part of the client or the service that Studio Arts provides, Studio Arts will not take responsibility for any delay in the domain name registration, web hosting, design work or publishing of the client’s web site and will not be liable for compensation or loss of earnings or any other costs incurred due to failure to meet any deadlines.

5. Prior to any design work commencing, or the setting up a client's website, or any web hosting service provided, Studio Arts, the designers and publishers of these services, require full or part payment for work to be carried out for 'Custom' ‘Premium’ or 'Budget' web design work. A minimum deposit of £60 will be required before design work commences and the balance will be due within 7 days of receipt of invoice and a completion date of 14 days from the deposit being paid and commencement of design work. During this 14 day design period the website will be in 'demo' mode before SEO (search engine optimisation) is applied and up to 3 revisions can be made to fulfill the client's requirements. After this period we reserve the right to charge for additional updates that may be required by the client.

All websites we design are subject to our web hosting service which is charged at a monthly or yearly rate. Full web hosting payment or 1st monthly payment set up via bank standing order is due within 7 days of website going 'live' or in 'demo' mode on the registered domain. Delays in payment will be subject to a temporary suspension of website hosting until payment is received. Monthly recurring web hosting payments must be received before the end of the month during which payment is due to avoid a temporary suspension. Fees paid for our web design service and our web hosting service are separate charges and payment for one service does not guarantee the provision of the other. Studio Arts reserve the right to suspend web hosting or remove any website if any of our services have not been paid for in full within 7 days of the payment due date. Any disputes over payment, i.e. if the client claims that payment has been made, then a transaction ID must be forwarded to us so that we can resolve the matter without delay. If an overpayment has been made, and it has been brought to our attention, then Studio Arts will refund the client within 14 days.

6. If a client wishes Studio Arts to update the client’s web site after completion a separate fee may apply. In the case of small changes to text no fee will be charged. Changes to large sections of text, or changes to photos or graphics will incur a minimum charge of £10 per 20 minutes update time (hourly rate £30). In the case of major updates affecting all pages, or changes to the template design, a higher fee may be charged. Where a client requires regular changes to the content of their website by Studio Arts, we will negotiate with the client a maintenance fee appropriate to the amount of work required on a regular basis.

7. Whilst care and attention will be made to ensure that all web site programming and web site content will be free from errors, Studio Arts, the designers and publishers of this service, cannot accept any responsibility for losses incurred, monetary or otherwise, due to errors found before or after completion, but will make every effort to correct them to the satisfaction of the client.

8. Studio arts will also not be liable for any costs incurred, compensation or loss of earnings due to the client’s web site being unavailable for any period of time, for the perfomance of the servers being used to host the web site, or the software being used to provide this service.

In addition, Studio Arts cannot be held responsible for any unauthorised alterations caused by a third party which may affect the client’s web site. Such alterations include, but are not limited to additions, modifications or deletions.

9. Studio Arts will endeavor to ensure that all web sites will function correctly when viewed with the the most popular web browsing software including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox, but cannot offer any guarantee that they will appear and function correctly with all web browsing software.

10. Studio Arts, the designers and publishers of this service, reserves the right to alter our pricing structure at any time without notice. This includes our ‘custom’ and ‘premium’ web site template design fees as well as associated web hosting fees, plus any form of maintenance and update fees.

If a client has paid for any services from Studio Arts prior to a change in the pricing structure, no extra fees will be incurred, but any subsequent work or services carried out by Studio Arts that have not been paid for may be subject to an increase.

11. Additional terms of service - Priority will be given to design work that has been paid for in advance, or where the client has made a 50% deposit retainer for work to be carried out. Clients who make immediate payment on receipt of invoices will also be given high priority for consecutive work, subject to prompt payments on these assignments. Clients who make slow or late payments and require further work will be given lower priority and services may be suspended temporarily until outstanding payments have been made.

12. In relation to the design and publishing of our ‘budget and premium web site template designs’ as part of this agreement it is our policy to incorporate a link to the Studio Arts web design service or it’s associates, Window Cleaning Resources. This link will appear in small type at the bottom of the client’s web site unless the client specifically requests to have the link removed.

13. The registration of a client’s domain name is the responsibility of the client and payment and renewal of those domain names is also the client’s responsibility. Studio Arts cannot accept responsibility for the loss or cancellation of a client’s domain name due to late payment, non-payment or otherwise. We advise the client to keep an appropriate record of the due dates for renewal payments to ensure that payment is received by the domain registration company in good time. We also advise that your email contact details are kept up to date with your domain name registrar so that they can easily contact you when sending domain name renewal reminders.

We recommend 123Reg.co.uk as a reliable and reputable domain name registration company, but Studio Arts cannot accept resposibility or be liable for any type of costs incurred, or compensation or loss of earnings arising from dealing with this company or any other registration company that is used to register the client’s domain name, even if we recommend them. In certain circumstances, Studio Arts will register the client’s domain name if asked to do so. For this service Studio Arts will invoice the client for the registration fee and for any renewal payments that become due. An extra administration fee will also apply.

14. Studio Arts is a reseller of web hosting and provides a web hosting service to clients who require it. The web servers are provided by one of the longest established web hosting services in the UK and are extremely reliable. However, if for some reason your website experiences technical problems we will endeavour to correct the problem within a period of 48 hours or less. In extreme circumstances where a technical problem cannot be resolved, which is highly unlikely, we will compensate the client for any loss of service for the period affected. This compensation is limited to a percentage of the cost of the annual or monthly web hosting fee appropriate to the duration of time involved. No further compensation will be made and we will not be liable for loss of earnings or loss of data due to disruption of this service. On commencement or renewal of the web hosting service the contracted period is for 12 months unless otherwise agreed. No refunds will be given for early termination.

15. We reserve the right to suspend web hosting or charge interest of 8% if the client has not made payment of any web hosting fees due within 30 days of invoice date. Web hosting fees are payable in advance and we will endeavour to remind the client by email if payment is not received, but it is the client’s responsibility to ensure that payment is made, whether informed or not. If web hosting is suspended a re-connection charge of £25 will be payable to continue the service. Clients should be aware that suspension of web hosting will mean that their website will not be accessible by members of the public or the search engines. This may negatively affect the search engine position, so it’s important that web hosting fees are kept up to date to minimise any disruption in service. Payment for web hosting can be made by bank standing order for full 12 months or on a monthly basis. Monthly payment option is subject to a minimum contract of six months in the first year to cover the inclusion of account set up and administration work.

16. The termination of services provided by Studio Arts for the client must be made in writing directly to Studio Arts. Upon receipt of a written and signed request, the termination of services will be effective on receipt of such notice. For the protection against unauthorised requests, e-mail or telephone requests for the termination of services provided, the request will be subject to confirmation in writing by the client, or an authorised representative of the client.

17. These terms and conditions supersede all previous representations, understandings or agreements but may change at any time without notice. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that they understand these terms and conditions. Any advance fees made in connection with the services described under these terms and conditions constitutes an agreement to and acceptance of these terms and conditions. Where a ‘custom’ designed web design service is being provided, further terms and conditions may also apply.