Payments by monthly bank standing order

Monthly web hosting payments by standing order

Our website hosting plans require a regular automated monthly payment of a fixed amount which can be set up through your bank or banking app.

This option is available through a 'bank standing order' or 'standing order' as it is sometimes referred to. It's the best way to ensure that your website and the website hosting is not affected by delayed or forgotten payments that could result in your website being temporarily suspended.

There are other benefits too. Paying monthly by standing order allows you to spread the cost of the annual fee and the fixed monthly fee cannot be changed without your permission, so you know exactly how much will be paid out each month.

Standing orders are ideal for automatically paying a fixed amount of money on a regular basis.

Standing orders are commonly used to send money to service providers, other people, or another bank account.

The only person who can set up, control, or stop a standing order is the person who is is responsible for sending the money. The person or company that receives the money cannot set up or manage a standing order in any way and therefore cannot change the amount being received.

If a service is being provided and the fee is increased or decreased then the service provider has to notify the person responsible for making payments so that they can change the amount if they agree to continue with the service. Alternatively, they can stop the service at any time if they no longer require the service.

In the case of signing up with our web hosting service, we do require a minimum of 6 months of payments in accordance with our terms and conditions. Monthly standing order payments are a convenient way to pay and they help keep our administration costs down, and therefore our web hosting fees.

When setting up a monthly standing order for web hosting please make sure it is not limited by an end date. The standing order should be set as an ongoing payment, but can be cancelled if the service is no longer needed.

What happens if a standing order payment doesn't get paid?

If, for some reason, a monthly payment does not go through then it is usually for one or two possible reasons.

  1. There may not be enough money in the account to cover the payment.
  2. The account you were using may have been changed to another bank account. If changing bank accounts you will need to set up a new standing order. See our payment page for more details on how to pay.

If a monthly payment gets missed then we will contact you to let you know that a payment has not gone through and a suspension notice will be sent and request for payment within 7 days. If payment is not received then the service will be suspended until payment has been sent. If more than two monthly payments are missed then the full annual payment will become due to ensure continuation of services.

How to cancel a web hosting standing order

A standing order can be cancelled by the person who set up the standing order. To do this they can go into a local branch of their bank and request the cancellation, or using a mobile banking app or through online banking.


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