Need a larger mailbox?

Mailboxes that come free with our web hosting services are a maximum of 1000mb in size. This is ample enough space for most small businesses, especially if you do regular housekeeping by deleting old messages on a weekly or monthly basis, especially unwanted messages that come with attachments that are no longer needed or stored in a folder on your computer. These type of messages will eventually clog up your mailbox.

But what if you need extra mail storage space?

You have a number of options.

1. You can transfer messages you want to keep to a mailbox provider such as Gmail which provides a generous allowance of free storage space.

2. You can add another mailbox to your account with another 1000mb limit. This is available through your web hosting control panel.

3. You can request one of our paid for mailboxes which provides 5000mb storage space. This is 5 times the size of your standard mailbox, but is only available through our order form below. Mail Guard is included as an extra bonus. See more details about our Mail Guard Spam & Virus protection filters.

To order Mailbox + Mail Guard please make payment below

Annual fee is £72 - after payment you will receive a receipt direct from PayPal and your new mailbox will be set up within 24 - 48 hours


Domain name

Amount to pay (£): (insert numbers only - e.g. 72.00)

Includes payments by credit/debit card

*Spam and viruses have become one of the biggest problems on the internet. They waste time, bandwidth, expose you to fraud and can even damage your computer systems. Mail Guard has been specially developed to block on average 98% of spam and viruses, this means they will not end up in your mailbox and never get to your computer. In fact you can have the option to either block spam or have suspicious emails tagged so they can be filtered out using your e-mail client. The Mil Guard system is far more advanced than other systems and tests show that it has one of the lowest rates of false positives, which is extremely important as many other systems also block a lot of genuine E-mail.