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Small business web design and web hosting service in the UK

As you may know, Studio Arts specialise in designing unique custom made CMS websites for small businesses in the UK, but we also offer a selection of pre-designed templates for certain types of small business such as window cleaners, carpet cleaners, driving schools, plumbers, electricians, builders and pest control companies.

We specialise in a speedy service for companies who require a website set up quickly and getting listed in the major search results such as Google and Bing. Generally we can have your website up and running within just a few days if you have already registered your domain name.

You can view some of the latest websites we have done for clients by visiting the links below.

A.G. Cleaning is a carpet cleaning company based in Stevenage

Future Air Conditioning is an air conditioning and heating specialist in Essex

CRV Building Works is a local builder based in London

Chef Saval is an expert chef who also runs online cookery classes on Zoom

ATL Window Cleaning is a Welsh based window cleaning company.

We also provide a top class website hosting service to keep your website connected online 24/7 with regular backups and you can find more details about this essential service on this page Web hosting for a small business website

Our services cover the whole of the UK and Ireland and we have numerous clients and many years of experience. But if you need any advice on building and hosting your own website then we can help you with this too. Just email us with your request.

For enquiries relating to our web design and hosting service call 07789 021420 (daytime) or use our enquiry form to get in touch outside working hours.


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Ways to improve your title tag

8 ways to improve your SEO using title tags

The title tag which is used to give a title to each one of your website pages is an important part of optimising your website and improve click through rates and rankings.

A recent article published on the AIOSEO website provides a good insight into how title tags should be used to get the best out of them. If you have any interest in search engine optimisation for your own website then I recommend reading this article which outlines eight tips to improve title tags and why title tags are so important for your website.

These tips include...

1. How to format your title tags correctly

2. Why your title tag should be accurately descriptive and specific to the content of the page

3. How and why your title tag should be compelling enough to get people to click on your listing instead of your competitors

4. How to use keywords in your title tag

5. Crafting your title tag so that it proves search intent

6. User engagement vs search bot optimisation

7. Highlighting what makes your content unique

8. Using curiosity to improve click through rates

Another useful additional tip mentioned in the article is as follows... "consider revisiting the posts you’ve already published and crafting optimized title tags for them. This is probably one of the most underrated SEO tips that can give you an edge over your competitors."

To read the full article on how to write great title tags click here

For wordpress users the AIOSEO is a very good plugin designed to make the process of implementing SEO on your website easier, without needing to be an experienced SEO professional, or having to hire one.

For more details visit the AIOSEO website

Window cleaning websites

Window cleaning company websites

Over the last decade or so many existing window cleaning companies, and many new ones just getting started, have developed a more professional approach to window cleaning by using the water fed pole method of cleaning, rather than the traditional method using a mop, bucket and squeegee and a set of ladders.

The wfp system has a number of advantages over traditional window cleaning and some of the benefits include the use of pure water (more environmentally friendly) which has been de-ionised to remove any contaminants from the water. This pure water is then pumped through a telescopic pole that can be extended to reach windows that are two or three storeys from the ground. This means a more safer working environment and reduces the risk of injury for the window cleaner. Falling off ladders accounts for many injuries and fatalities and therefore working from ground level carries much less risk.

In some cases the telescopic poles can reach even higher levels when cleaning commercial properties such as hotels and office blocks. Lightweight carbon fibre poles are used to make them manageable by the operator.

Other benefits when cleaning residential properties include more privacy when cleaning bathroom and bedroom windows, less potential for damage to windows, frames and sills, and generally a better all round clean which can last longer when cleaning chemicals are not used. In the case of pure water cleaning the windows are left wet and dry naturally to a spot free finish.

So the old image of window cleaners is gradually being overtaken by the more professional window cleaning company that invests in technologically advanced equipment to provide a better clean and a better service to their customers.

However, traditional window cleaning is still favoured by some and it may be many years before the use of ladders and the old mop, bucket and squeegee is eventually taken over completely by more advanced cleaning methods. And who knows... perhaps in the not too distant future, robots might even start taking over this popular service and that would be a sad day indeed.

Driverless cars, factory robots and computers taking over human jobs, artificial intelligence, robotic grasscutters and hoovers, remote control drone deliveries, it's kinda scary in a way, don't you think?

Anyway. I like to think your local window cleaner provides a much needed service along with their friendly chit chat and more personal touch, and that would be hard thing to replace. And it would affect me and my family as well. Both my sons have their own window cleaning business, and most of my website clients are window cleaners.

So if you're just starting out as a window cleaner, and you need a website or a first class web hosting service to host your website at a reasonable price then get in touch today.

You can find out more about my window cleaning website design service using the resource links below.

Example: One of my latest website clients is Andy at ATL Window Cleaning. Check out his website if you live in Wales and you need a window cleaner.

Premium Window cleaning website templates

Budget window cleaning website templates

Custom window cleaning website design

Window cleaning website packages


Client example

ATL Window Cleaning

Example window cleaning website template

2022 – The year so far

Well, it's the end of March and it's already been quite a year so far. The continuous news reports about the conflict in Ukraine, the resurge in Covid infections, the double standards of Partygate, the rising cost of living and the Shrewsbury maternity scandal. It's all quite depressing.

Let's pray for the those who have lost loved ones and the people in Ukraine and hope their awful situation ends soon.

Yes, the news can be depressing, and the more you watch the more depressing it gets. But for most of us life goes on regardless, and usually it's our family, friends and work or activities that keep us going.

Currently, I personally am working on some new design projects which I hope to announce soon with more details. But recently I have also had a couple of new websites to develop and these include an old client who left my clientele for a while but has now returned. Their new window cleaning website has now gone 'live' and can be viewed via this link.

Another long established client is seeking to expand his business with new ventures. Their website is British Luxury Garden Rooms and it's a great place to start if you're in the market for a new garden based home office or studio or home gym etc.

Other websites are also in the pipeline. And for anyone out there who is interested, I will keep posting the latest updates every month or so.

Ciao for now

Google Lens – making search easier

Using Google Lens as a search tool

Google is always on the cutting edge of new innovations in search engine advancements.

Discover how Google Lens can help you search by capturing what you see, using it for finding things that are difficult to describe in words, and using images to make your search efforts easier to explore and discover the world around you.

Watch the video below 'How Google Lens helps you search what you see'

December update – new websites being published this month

December website updates

This month sees three new websites being published for two new clients and one existing client who requires an additional website.

One of the websites is in a new sector that I have not had much experience in before, therefore it became necessary to carry out more in-depth research than usual. But as most web designers are well aware, research is an important step as part of the web design process.

It may take a few weeks before these new websites get firmly established and listed in a good position in Google and other mainstream search engines. However, this is now expected these days as more and more businesses get online and fight for their position in order to stand out from the crowd.

Hopefully, these new websites, www.pureh2owindowcleaning.co.uk and www.residentialwindowcleaningltd.co.uk, plus www.dieselsolutions.uk will perform well enough to do so and bring new enquiries to their business.

Need a website to promote your new business?

Call 07789 021420 and ask for Mike

Business domain name considerations

Choosing the right business domain name for your website

When it comes to registering a suitable domain name for your website it’s important to choose one that projects the type of image that you want your organisation or business to be remembered for. Your website will be the ideal tool for targeting people looking on the internet for the type of service or product you provide, so make sure your domain is easy to remember and visitors will have no trouble finding their way back to your site when they need to. Not everyone makes it a point to save the web address of a useful website in their favourites folder. Some will try to rely on their memory.

Other points worth taking note of:

Keep your domain name as simple and as short as possible so it’s easy to remember. If your company name is to be used and still available for registration, that should be your first consideration. However, it’s also worth considering other names which may describe or relate closely to what your business does or sells.
example: www.royslandscapegardening.co.uk

You should register your chosen name without any delay because it’s surprising how quickly names are snapped up if they’re still available. Domain names are inexpensive so there's just no excuse for putting off buying. Even if later you decide not to use the one you first register, there’s little to lose, but you may kick yourself later if you find out that the name you wanted has been taken by someone else a few weeks or months down the line.

If you’re a UK based business or organisation and you intend to purchase a .co.uk domain name it’s also worth considering buying the other ‘top level domains’ that may be available i.e. ‘yourbusiness.com’ ‘yourbusiness.net’ to prevent others capitalising on your brand. Other TLD’s include .name, .tv, .biz, .uk.com, .org, However, the .uk .co.uk .com and .net are the main ones to obtain first.

If you find that the domain name you want is already taken then try thinking of a variation of the same name. For example, let’s say you wanted to register www.pollyspetshop.co.uk and it was already registered by another company, you might find that www.pollys-petshop.co.uk is still available. Or how about www.pollys-pet-shop.co.uk. You may even find that the .com or .net names are still available for one or more of these variations. However, take note that domain names can only contain letters, numbers and dashes, so spaces and symbols are not allowed.

It’s important to choose a domain name supplier with a good reputation. One company we like to use is 123reg.co.uk We have always found them to be very efficient and reliable. Changing nameservers or transferring names to another ISP, for example, is a simple process with their easy to use control panel. In fact, so far we have never had cause for complaint, and we have never had reason to use any other domain supplier because of their excellent service.

A good domain name supplier will always contact you when a domain name is coming up for renewal, so it’s important to keep your contact information up-to-date. Using the same domain name supplier for all your registered domain names will make this a lot easier.

October update

August through to October has been a relatively quiet time for gaining new website design work, but busier than usual for maintaining existing client's websites. There have been some new websites built including one for an exterior cleaning service and one still in the design phase for British Landscape Gardens but on the whole its been quiet.

Part of the reason is that I have also been taking more than usual holiday breaks to travel around parts of the UK, as I spent a good part of my spare time converting a campervan, starting last Summer and completing the project this Summer.

It's been enjoyable getting away and seeing some of the beautiful places we have been to, including some of the amazing countryside in the Yorkshire Dales, Northumberland and coastal towns in Dumfries and Galloway.

Staycation has been the buzzword this last year or so and there has been a boom in motorhome and campervan sales in 2020 and 2021 as more and more people take to the road and enjoy this type of holiday. However, I still miss going abroad and plan to get away to see my family in Italy and my new baby granddaughter in Prague. Hopefully soon, but it may be next year now.

Fingers crossed, 2022 will be a better year for travel abroad, with less hassle and expense for families and regular travellers.

How Google search works

How search works when using a search engine like Google

This video was published on YouTube in 2010 - but the information it contains is still relevant today.

What happens when you change your website domain URL

What happens when you change your website domain URL

There has been times when a client has requested to move their website to a new domain. Last year I had a client who changed their domain from a .com to a .co.uk domain and lost the .com version because it got snapped up when they forgot to renew it. This is an unfortunate situation but it can easily happen. There are people who are quick to snap up old domains, especially .com domains if they expire and don't get renewed on time.

An established domain, especially one that has been around for a few years, can be useful for the person who buys it, even if it's just to take advantage of the traffic that domain can provide. They then put ads on those domains in the hope they will generate some income. My client who has a tiling business and the new domain www.ctshartlepool.co.uk is still having problems getting his new website domain to replace the old one in the search results.

A 301 redirect, which is normally used to automatically send traffic from the old domain to the new one can't be used in this case because the old domain is not under his control.

It's important to remember to always make sure your domain name is renewed in plenty of time, and the best way to do this is to set the domain to 'auto renew' which most domain registrars provide in their control panel.

Hopefully, we can help the client in this case to get his website to rank high in the search results again to replace the poor quality website that has taken it's place. Even though Google is incredibly good at assessing the relevance of websites to provide its users with good search results, it can still get it wrong unless it gets a little help in pointing it in the right direction.