Own your own domain name

As a website designer I often advise business owners who want a website and a domain name for their business to always register it themself.

Registering a domain name using your own account and being listed as the registered owner and administrative contact is extremely important to ensure that you always have control over your own company domain name.

If, for some reason, you have a website design company or some other person register a domain name on your behalf, it can cause unforeseen problems in the future. If for example, they can no longer be contacted for some reason, whether it's due to poor health, moving away, or going out of business etc., then you could find it very difficult to control what happens to your domain name, especially without some form of proof of ownership. Even then the process of taking control of the domain name can be fraught with difficulties.

Worse case scenario is that if your domain name expires without you realising or being notified, after a short suspension period the domain name could be purchased by someone else before you get a chance to renew it.

For this reason it's always been my advice to register the business domain name yourself. It's also important to set the renewal of your domain name to 'Auto Renew' within the control panel of your registrar to ensure the domain name does not expire without you being aware of it. You can always change the setting if you do decide you no longer want to retain and renew the domain name.

Two of the registration agents I normally recommend are www.lcn.com and www.123-reg.co.uk

Motorhome hire website

This website proved to be a bit different from the normal sites I usually do and required specific plugins to meet certain requirements. It took over 30 hours to complete the site so it took longer than usual to set everything up.

A calendar was included to view dates available and is easily configured by the website owner in the back office.

* Update - As from September 2017 the business was closed, so this website is no longer 'live'

If you operate a motorhome or campervan hire service and you would like to have a company website to promote your business online then why not give us a call, we can quote you a price depending on how many pages you require and advise you on which pages you would need.

Tel: 07789 021420 or call our landline 01423 421143

Motorhome hire website

New website for carpet cleaning company

AG Cleaning, operated by Andy Griffiths decided a new website was required to promote their business online. After Andy called and provided some brief details about the business and the services they offered I asked Andy for some further information and advised him on how to get a domain name and what options he had available to him.

After purchasing and registering the domain name www.carpetcleaninginstevenage.co.uk I quickly arranged to update the nameservers and set up the hosting account. Within 5 days the basic layout and design of the website went 'live' and a few tweaks were made to complete the design work,

I prefer to work quickly and get everything up and running within a week where possible. Once the website is online the client can then let me know if they wish to have any changes made and this is usually carried out while also setting up the necessary SEO required to ensure the search engines understand what the main content of the website is, and what each page is all about.

New web design for Window Cleaning Magazine

The Window Cleaning Magazine website has recently been given a makeover.

The old website which I designed for Lee Burbidge, the founder of Window Cleaning Magazine, was originally set up in 2011 and was starting to show it's age. It was no longer suitable for mobile users accessing the site via mobile phones.

The new site is better organised and easier to navigate and is ready for expansion for any new features that may be introduced in the future.

There were a few complications changing the blog section of the site which was already WordPress based in a sub directory, but this had to be moved over to the root directory, but those problems were overcome with the help of our technical service consultants.

The new site has been designed to make it much easier for Lee (the editor) to add new content himself, such as videos from the WCM YouTube channel, plus any new articles he wishes to place in the articles section. Back issues and new issues of the Window Cleaning Magazine have also been moved to a new page so that visitors can still download the old pdf files or open a selected magazine in page flip format.

* Update - The WCM website has been updated again and the layout design work is now controlled by a different partner. However, the original website during the formation of the magazine and the first 12 issues of the digital magazine were designed by Studio Arts and are still available to download and read from the current Window Cleaning Magazine website