Frequently asked questions

How much do you charge for a website to be designed?

A. It depends on the type of website you require. Budget one page websites start at £60. Multi-page template based websites start at £125.

Custom designed 'mobile friendly' websites and CMS websites start at £60 per page for first 6 pages after which additional pages can be added at a generous discount. A 3 page custom designed website for example would cost just £180 complete. If extra pages are required in the future these can be added at any time you want.

Q. How many pages does a template based design include?

A. Depending on the pre-designed template, most ‘Premium’ designs include up to 5 or 6 pages of detailed information and images. Budget templates start at 1 - 2 pages minimum. Additional pages can be added at the rate of £60 per page for budget and premium based template sites.

Q. How do I provide the information I want included in my website?

A. All textual content can be emailed to us, as well as any digital images you want displayed. Alternatively you can post photos/artwork to us on request.

Q. If I want some changes made in the future to the content of my website will I be charged for this?

A. If the changes involve just minor text changes, such as change of address or telephone number then no charge will be made. Major updates such as changes or additions to a large amount of textual content or pictures will involve an update fee of £10 per 20 minutes work to cover the time involved in updating your website.

Q. Do you have any other web designs besides the ones shown?

A. Our current range of templates are the only ones available at the moment, but any one of our current designs can be adapted to most types of business. They can also be given a unique look by changing the colour scheme and background to your preference, and adding your business logo. In addition, any pictures included in the design can be changed to ones that you can provide us with in a digital format (jpg, bmp, png, pdf or gif)

Q. Do I need to upload the website myself?

A. No. We take care of everything involved in the process of setting up your website and uploading the web pages, information and pictures to the server that our hosting service provides for visitors to access your site via the internet. We will also optimise your website to make it easier for the major search engines such as Google to find your site quickly and easily.

Q. £60 per page is a reasonable price for having a website designed and published, are there any other extra costs involved?

A. A web hosting fee, which starts at £5 per month is also required to maintain and provide visitors access to your website (see below) If you prefer, you can also pay annually. These fees will be due once your website goes ‘live’ online. We also charge a fee for our advanced SEO service if required.

Q. What is web hosting?

A. All websites need to be ‘hosted’ on a web server. A web server is basically a computer and a program designed to deliver content, such as web pages, through a direct connection to the internet. This means the server has to be running constantly to ensure the website is always accessible 24/7. Obviously this entails running costs such as electricity and maintenance charges to ensure the web server is always working and keeps your website ‘live’ on the internet. The servers we use are located in a highly secure data centre in the UK with back up servers to ensure your website will always be fully functional.

Q. What is SEO?

A. SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ which is the term used to describe the various methods used to optimise your website so that the search engines will find your site and rank the site accordingly in their search results. The better your website is optimised, the more likely it will appear on the first page of the search results when people type in the ‘keywords’ you want your site to be found for. We include basic SEO in all our design fees but sometimes more advanced SEO is required to get the best results. We offer an advanced SEO service to existing clients only. Details and prices available on request.

Q. Do you register the domain name for me?

A. If you don’t already have a domain name for your website then we can register it for you, but we do recommend that as the business owner it is better that you register it yourself with a registration agent such as or They are inexpensive to purchase and can be registered for a minimum of 1 year, and in some cases up to 10 years. After this period you can simply renew it again for a further year or more.

You can use the registration agent's search box to see if the domain name you want is still available. When you use our service to design and host your website It will not be necessary to purchase web hosting or any email addresses from the registration agent because we will provide that service for you with your website.