Changing nameservers with

To change the domain nameservers to work with your web hosting provider simply follow the 3 steps below.

Step 1. Log into your LCN control panel at and select the 'Domains' option in the side panel then click the 'Manage' link indicated by the red arrow at the side of the domain name list as seen in the screenshot below. This will take you to the next step outlined in step 2 below.

Step 2. Check that 'Auto Renew' is set to 'ON' - This will ensure your domain name is automatically renewed when it comes up to the renewal date. By doing this you reduce the risk of forgetting to renew your domain name which can lead to the domain name going into a suspension period, and eventually the domain will expire. Your website can also go offline if you go past the renewal date. If you definitely don't want to renew the domain name then this can be set to 'OFF'

Next, click the 'Edit Nameservers' link which will take you to the next page and Step 3.

Step 3. The final step is to remove and replace the default LCN nameservers with the ones used by your web host. Simply type in the nameservers provided by your web hosting service or website developer. The first box is for the 'Primary' nameserver, the second box is for the 'Secondary' nameserver and so on. Any remaining LCN nameservers displayed in the input boxes should be removed and left blank. Once the new nameservers have been entered click the 'UPDATE' button.

Thats it, all done!

It can take up to 24 hours for the nameservers to update correctly. Keep in mind that changing the nameservers will transfer the control of both the website server settings as well as any email settings you have associated with this domain. If in doubt, consult with your web host company or website developer first before you make these changes.