December update – new websites being published this month

December website updates

This month sees three new websites being published for two new clients and one existing client who requires an additional website.

One of the websites is in a new sector that I have not had much experience in before, therefore it became necessary to carry out more in-depth research than usual. But as most web designers are well aware, research is an important step as part of the web design process.

It may take a few weeks before these new websites get firmly established and listed in a good position in Google and other mainstream search engines. However, this is now expected these days as more and more businesses get online and fight for their position in order to stand out from the crowd.

Hopefully, these new websites, and, plus will perform well enough to do so and bring new enquiries to their business.

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A change of pace

A change of pace

Wow. It's amazing how things can change over a relatively short period of time. One minute it seems like there is hardly any work coming in, then when you least expect it, you suddenly find yourself busier than usual.

Since the end of September, these last couple of weeks have seen an upturn in business, with six new websites being required. Five of which are for existing clients who want to expand their business, plus a new client who is looking to have a new website to promote her music tuition services. This site is in the early stages of development and will soon be fully operational at

Funny thing is, I was just getting used to my lower working hours and concentrating on some d.i.y. projects, when suddenly out of nowhere I was hit with all this extra work.

Can't complain though. Better than having no work at all.

New sites also include which is a cleaning business that also offers a sanitation service for business and home owners who want to keep Covid 19 at bay. This client also wants another pressure washing website built, and work on this is due to commence very soon.

Two other cleaning related websites are for specialised cleaning services for landlords and tenants who want their property put in good order before a change in tenancy. The other site is for promoting their carpet cleaning service.

SB Window Cleaning Services is a company that has rebranded and revived their old website, but with a change of business name. Their URL is

So things seem to be looking up. But who knows how the next wave of Coronavirus might seriously impact on businesses again. Perhaps 2021 will be the light at the end of the tunnel.

Website updates and new designs

Website updates and new designs

The last few weeks have seen a flurry of activity with website updates and some new designs being cranked out. Among them are a new website for a new client who chose to use one of the new templates I have designed for his window cleaning business Be Clean Window Cleaning. His website is There is still some SEO work to do to bring it to completion so at the time of writing this post (8th March 2020) it's still a relatively new website and it usually takes a few weeks to start seeing decent results in the SERPS.

Other work recently completed is a fresh makeover with new pages being added to Jamie Wilkes paving services as well as new updates to websites that belong to a number of long standing clients ACS Window Cleaning, based in Chelmsford and Waterforce Property Services, based in Leeds.

See screenshots of work below and call me if you want a quote for your own small business website.

Window Cleaning Resources website gets a makeover

Window Cleaner Directory gets a fresh new look

The leading window cleaner directory in the UK has recently been given a fresh clean look, along with its main company website Window Cleaning Resources. Both provide improved navigation to access window cleaning related articles and customers who are seeking a professional window cleaner based in the UK.

Unfortunately, the old Window Cleaner Directory was not being updated effectively, and this was partly due to the automated listing procedure which was incorporated into the website. Although it was a good idea at the time, it gradually started to show cracks in the system as some listings and links to company websites were no longer working.

The new system of manually adding companies to the directory is being managed by myself to ensure each listing is genuine and being kept up to date. Advertisers are required to have their own company website to be included in the directory, and if their site goes down they will be removed from the listings. This is to ensure customers seeking a window cleaner through the directory can be assured of finding a professional service, and one that is still in operation.

If you are a professional window cleaner and you would like to be included in the directory then please feel free to apply for a free or featured listing through the link below.

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New websites going ‘live’ this month

New websites going 'live' this month

New client websites going 'live' this month include the Warwickshire Scooter Alliance and B.P.C.S. a local company who specialise in sandblasting, powder coating and chrome spraying.

The requirements for both websites were fairly simple and only involved a few pages to describe their services and organisation. With some basic on-site search engine optimisation, and a few selected directory backlinks I'm expecting to see good results from SERPs.

Usually websites like these can be built and published within days of the client placing the order, subject to the appropriate information being provided to give the website visitors a clear and detailed account of the client's service.

Anyone who needs a modern clean and mobile friendly website to promote their business, club, charity or organisation online, feel free to get in touch for more information.

*Update - As of late this year (2021) the Warwickshire Scooter Alliance has been disbanded until further notice. The website hosting has therefore not been renewed and the WSA website is no longer accessible.