2022 – The year so far

Well, it's the end of March and it's already been quite a year so far. The continuous news reports about the conflict in Ukraine, the resurge in Covid infections, the double standards of Partygate, the rising cost of living and the Shrewsbury maternity scandal. It's all quite depressing.

Let's pray for the those who have lost loved ones and the people in Ukraine and hope their awful situation ends soon.

Yes, the news can be depressing, and the more you watch the more depressing it gets. But for most of us life goes on regardless, and usually it's our family, friends and work or activities that keep us going.

Currently, I personally am working on some new design projects which I hope to announce soon with more details. But recently I have also had a couple of new websites to develop and these include an old client who left my clientele for a while but has now returned. Their new window cleaning website has now gone 'live' and can be viewed via this link.

Another long established client is seeking to expand his business with new ventures. Their website is British Luxury Garden Rooms and it's a great place to start if you're in the market for a new garden based home office or studio or home gym etc.

Other websites are also in the pipeline. And for anyone out there who is interested, I will keep posting the latest updates every month or so.

Ciao for now