Better rankings for your website

Better rankings for websites

There are many ways to get visitors to your website and your main goal should be to take advantage of all methods available to you. This includes offline as well as online techniques.

If you have just recently had a website built for your company or organisation then the first step is to make sure your website gets found and indexed. You can do this by submitting the website address and details to Google and other search engines of your choice. Most of them have a submission form where you can do this. Another way is to get a link to your website from another website, such as a business directory or a forum or blog. To find out if it is already listed you can use a search query. For example, if you type into the Google search box, (replacing with your own domain name) you should get a list of your website pages that Google has found and indexed. If your website domain does not show up then it still hasn't been indexed.

In some cases a website can get de-indexed if it has been penalised by Google for some reason. This can happen when Google discovers a website is using deceptive methods or poor, spammy content plus 'blackhat' SEO methods and excessive low quality link building in order to get found.

Quality link building is still a good way to boost a website's performance. If you have highly relevant inbound links from external websites that are well ranked then this can help your own website rank higher. But because Google doesn't just rank websites based on external links alone, there are various other factors involved which have an impact on how well your website gets ranked.

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