About Us

Hello, I'm Mike Henderson and I've been designing websites for small businesses since 2007. I have specialised in designing and promoting websites for window cleaning companies throughout the UK but have also designed websites for driving schools, roofing companies, dentists, electricians, gardeners, catering companies, carpet cleaners, and various other types of small business.

If you run your own small to medium sized business my company Studio Arts can build you a clean, attractive website at an affordable price. We will also optimise your website to achieve maximum exposure in the search engines (the ones that count) and we can also take care of all your web hosting needs.

We are happy to design websites to suit even the smallest of budgets...

We have a selection of template based designs and web hosting plans that are easily affordable to most small businesses. They can be very quick to set up in comparison with a custom designed site. Our templates can be tailor made to suit your requirements, with changeable colour schemes and backgrounds to suit your preference. And of course , we do bespoke website design too!

Reliable business web hosting

The web hosting we use to host your website is of the highest quality and reliability with guaranteed 24/7 connection to ensure your website is available for access at all times.

Our web hosting packages are available from just £5 per month which also includes business email addresses, access to dedicated control panel with autoresponders, mailing lists, visitor stats and web scripts for adding extra features to your site.

All these features are included with our 'Premium' design packages and there are no hidden fees.

We also now offer SSL certificates as an optional extra for websites that require additional security. (Recommended for websites with contact forms and payment pages) CLICK HERE for details.

Apart from web hosting, once your website has been designed there are no other fees involved unless you require a major content update, then we can normally do that for you within 24 hours. In additon, if at any point you decide you would like to give your site a complete makeover and change it's appearance, we can do that too.